Shipping Policy

Package carriers can, even though rare, experience delays in delivery. MemoryScapes, LLC is not responsible for your package once it has been scanned in with a delivery service (which means it is no longer in our hands.) If we shipped by our promised ship date but carriers are running late or there are weather delays and your order does not arrive in time for your event, we are not responsible and will not issue any refunds associated with a delayed shipment.

USPS does not guarantee/cover priority mail or Priority Express delivery dates-only damages. Also, once package is confirmed as "delivered" we are not responsible if the package is stolen/missing from your front door,etc. It is your responsibility to make sure you provide a secure address (location) for delivery. USPS and other carriers will not cover a missing claim if the package is confirmed "delivered".

It is the customers responsibility to provide an accurate, secure and deliverable address upon purchase. If you contact us in a message after your purchase with a different address, we will try to accommodate the request, but it is not guaranteed. Memory Scapes, LLC is not responsible for incorrect addresses you submitted or if the product is returned to us.

If you receive a damaged frame you will need to do the following:
-Notify me of the damaged frame immediately after delivery.
-Send me pictures of the damaged box and damaged frame.